Your guide to live streaming with Fitahealth

As the Fitahealth family begin to take their classes online, we’re bringing the best virtual family and children’s experiences straight to your living room/bedroom/kitchen (or wherever you’re keeping active these days).You can now book Fitahealth livestream classes with top rated activity providers across the country.

We’ve also put together a couple tips to help you make the most of your live stream classes

How to get started with livestream classes

1. Search for and book a class

After choosing a membership or class pack, you can easily search for livestream classes on our website where you will see all the classes happening in the week.

You’ll also be able to see what other families think of the classes and leave your own reviews as well. Because you’re not headed to a physical location, this is your chance to explore different online activities from top rated individuals all over the UK.

2. Set up your at-home workout space

A great way to establish consistency while your family stays active is to have a room or area dedicated to exercise. Find a nice, safe comfortable spot to take part and make sure you have lots of room to jump, run, twist and shake.

We would recommend using a larger screened device  such as a tablet or laptop, if possible and place it somewhere safe. Ideally position it so that the camera will be on your children when singing and dancing, so that the activity host can see them and talk to them.

3. Invite friends and family

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected with your loved ones. Invite other family members to join you in a virtual class :).

4. Try different classes from Cookery classes and Ballet to French lessons

This is your chance to check out that class you’ve always wanted to try but found an excuse to avoid. Now that everything is virtual, now is the perfect time to learn a new language with your family or bake something tasty, the opportunities are endless

5. How do Fitahealth livestream classes work? 

Many Fitahealth partners are streaming classes using platforms like Zoom, YouTube, Instagram Live and more. When you book a livestream class, all of the details will be shared with you via email including the link to join the class. To make sure you have the best experience, set up your phone, laptop or device ahead of time and log into the room at least 10 minutes before the class starts.

6. How much do Fitahealth livestream classes cost?

In these tough times, one of our main focuses is to help activity providers survive so for the next two months 80% of proceeds  will go directly to our partners. If you are a new customer you can either choose a membership which will give you access to a certain amount of online classes per month or you can buy classes on a pay as you go basis.

7. What equipment do I need?

Many of the livestream classes require minimal equipment. If equipment is required, like for a cookery lesson, the activity host will share this information in the  reservation confirmation email beforehand.

If you have any shakers, scarves etc. in stock at home, you might like to keep these close by ready for your classes. There are also some great tips on how to make your own instruments here.

8. Get involved :)

It’s the people that really make a class – so please take part, sing along, dance, and move! Be present with your child, and get them involved – just as you would in a real class. 

A great way to make the class special is to avoid switching off your camera, this way, you can see everyone and their children singing along, and your kids will love seeing themselves on screen too. In addition, it will feel more like an in person class as the activity provider can interact with your family more.

What to expect (the technical stuff)

The first time you attend a class, you will be asked to install Zoom on your device so please make sure you allow a few extra minutes to set this. After you do this for the first time, simply click the reservation link for any future class.

Once on Zoom, feel free to play around with the settings, depending on your device, try switching between the different view settings in Zoom to find one that you like best. 

When you join, pop your child’s name in the box as this will help the host welcome your child/children and engage with them during the class.Please remember to join the class before the start time so the host can collect the register as it may be hard for them to let you in if you are late.

For the majority of the class, you’ll be put on ‘mute’ so that everyone in the class can hear the host clearly and your kids can make as much noise as they like. However, there will be opportunities to unmute yourself and join in to answer questions and singalong!

Feedback is always welcome as well :)


No commitments, no contracts. Fitahealth is the place for parents to discover and book meaningful experiences for their children. 



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