Workouts Without Wicks! (Keep Fit with the Kids)

Let’s be honest, there are only so many hours you can fill with teaching, cooking and eating on repeat, before the kids get restless.

If you’re yearning for the days of childcare and long runs in the park, help is at hand. Thanks to the recent coronavirus news, lockdown has uncovered some great indoor children’s activities for keeping up spirits… and burning off calories at the same time.

Sure, the much-loved Body Coach Joe Wicks might be entertaining the nation with his shouty moves and non-stop energy, but it’s not for everyone. So, if you’re looking for things to do in lockdown that involves physical exercise, here’s five of the best free kids exercise classes. You’re welcome!

The Ballet Coach

If you’re a stickler for routine and enjoy variety, live workouts from The Ballet Coach will have you reaching for your tutu. Okay, it’s slightly saccharine with a touch of Mary Poppins about it, but the little ones love it.

For some quality family time, tune in daily to either Sarah’s Instagram account, or YouTube page, where you can view videos by age (2-5 and 8-13 years’ for instance). Just don’t forget to point those toes

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Andy’s Wild Workouts

Superb for toddlers, infants, and children of CBeebies age, presenter Andy has amassed a cult-like following with little ones. The perfect introduction to light exercise, he gets kids moving with his collection of short workouts disguised as mini explorations in themselves.

Lasting seven-minutes long, they’re the perfect length to keep youngsters engaged without their attention waning. From luscious rainforests to the depths of the desert, his exercise adventures take you everywhere. Roll up a ball of beetle dung, flap like a bird… you get the picture.

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Disney – Get Moving

For a dash of happy-go-lucky in your morning, Disney brings all the sunshine vibes.

Inspired by kids favourite movies, from The Lion King and The Jungle Book, to Peter Pan and Moana, these kids exercise classes are intercut with footage from the silver screen. They aren’t too high-energy and are easy to follow, making them appealing to younger viewers.

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Get Kids Moving – Jedi Workout

Calling all warriors: it’s time to put your Jedi tricks to practice with this very cool Star Wars Jedi workout.

Lightsabres at the ready, this calls for power, strength and agility, as you train with a true master. Lasting just five minutes, it’s one of the most fun activities for kids, especially those with excess energy. Produced by ‘Get Kids Moving’ there’s plenty of other great workouts to view in the collection afterwards, including The Joker and The Dark Knight.

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The Super Movers

Living up to their public service duties, the BBC have again stepped up with Super Movers. With glee-like enthusiasm, Mr Pumpernickel, ‘Swoosh’ and Mr Shires are amongst a host of presenters helping you work out.

The twist is that it’s set to a backdrop of sneaky tutoring. From learning shapes to your times table, it’s designed for KS1 and KS2 age children. There’s also plenty of simulator style gaming exercises in the ‘just for fun’ section, making it one of the best kids activities at home for keeping little ones active.

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