Fitahealth Affiliate Program Terms  

Through the affiliate program, you can send Fitahealth traffic, and we will reward you for each Valid Fitahealth subscription bought by a customer.


Fitahealth is a platform where parents can discover and book activities/classes for children aged from 0-15 ranging from Dance classes, Sensory, Music, Sports & More. Parents purchase monthly subscriptions. A Valid subscription is one where:

• Relates to a new genuine service requirement

• The user stays on after the 7 day trial or purchases a paying membership.

• If the user purchases a trial and then cancels before purchasing a membership, the affiliate will be awarded £2.50

The affiliate will continue earning revenue on a monthly recurring basis until the user cancels their subscription.



When you initially refer a customer and they purchase a 7 day trial, we will track that transaction in your affiliate dashboard at a value of £2.50. If they stay on after the 7 day trial, the commission will be assigned automatically. The affiliate will earn 20% on every purchase. The value for each subscription is documented here:


The transaction will then be marked as approved. 


Payouts will be completed within 30 days of a transaction being approved, provided you meet the minimum payment threshold of £50 or $50.


Note that the affiliate tiers and values change regularly. Please check this page and the pricing for updated statistics.




You must refer traffic to us using a link generated in our affiliate dashboard AND your affiliate discount code. The link will contain the parameters a_bid and and a_aid, which will identify you and the campaign you're using. We will use that information to store a cookie on the user's computer, which will allow us to track any subscription that they place and allocate them to you.


The cookie is valid for 30 days.


Please mark all affiliate links to as rel="nofollow".


AUTHORISED MARKETING TACTICS will work with most affiliates and allows most marketing tactics, but we reserve the right to reject or terminate affiliates who use tactics that we consider to be contrary to the brand. We specifically do not work with the following types of affiliates:


1) Cashback, incentive or loyalty affiliates.

2) Competition/freebie sites.

3) Sites that spam or use spammy tactics.




- Bidding through PPC is permitted on any search engine, except as detailed in PPC exclusions below.

- Brand based terms should be added as negative bids

- PPC bidding is not permitted on any brand based terms and misspellings.

- Affiliates are not permitted to use the Fitahealth brand name within the display URL, Ad Title or Description




We have provided creatives that you can use. Only creative produced by Fitahealth and shared on the Leaddyno platform or otherwise approved in writing by can be used by Affiliates.

No commitments, no contracts. Fitahealth is the place for parents to discover and book meaningful experiences for their children. 



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