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Our mission at Fitahealth is to aid children's development and passion by empowering parents and caregivers through convenience, flexibility and choice. In order to do this, we help families discover the best kids’ classes and activities available to you at the touch of a button, allowing you to read parent's reviews and find new affordable activities to help your child flourish. 


Another one of our aims to get children more active by introducing them to new experiences that will educate, inspire and entertain.

In addition to empowering children, Fitahealth helps grow local businesses and allows them to meet a new generation of people. We also help them with marketing and making sure the right people get to know them.

Save up to 50 percent in drop in rates

Book classes anywhere with one monthly fee – no class packs required. Discover the benefits of family activities with Fitahealth

No commitments, no contracts. Fitahealth is the place for parents to discover and book meaningful experiences for their children. Memberships start at £19 a month

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